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Our pediatric dentists are specialists whose service extends beyond the basic care of a family dentist. For more detailed information about how we can help your children, check out our Services page.

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Read our FAQ page for answers to such questions as “Are you a certified pediatric dentist’s office?” and “Why are primary teeth important?” Still have more questions? Just give us a call!

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If you have questions about our practice or your child’s oral health or want to make an appointment, contact us by phone or with our online contact form.

Caring Kids' Dentist in San Antonio

Welcome to Pediatric Dentistry San Antonio! When you need a great kids' dentist in San Antonio, you need us!

Helping Children Feel Good about the Dentist

Developing positive outlooks on oral health and hygiene begins at a young age. Our dentists are qualified pediatric dentists who desire to help children feel good about going to the dentist.

Our offices are uniquely designed and decorated to make going to the dentist a fun place. In addition, your children will receive compassionate care and attention that help smooth their fears and soothe their nerves.

San Antonio Children's Dentist Treating Kids of All Ages

It is never too early to give your children the gift of a beautiful smile that can last an entire lifetime. A great smile begins with oral health habits established during childhood, as well as regular screenings for developmental issues. While many family dental practices make children wait until they are 5 years old to see a dentist, we prefer to see them at a younger age.

Our San Antonio children's dentist specializes in dentistry for the following:

  • Infants: We keep an eye on their bone development and teeth as they begin to grow
  • Children: We ensure that their teeth grow strong, while providing fun-filled instruction on how to take care of them
  • Adolescents: We make sure that your child’s permanent teeth grow properly by catching problems early so they require minimal treatments

Our Fun and Caring Office

We are conveniently located in downtown San Antonio. We have a wonderful playroom designed with children in mind. After waiting in our playroom for their turn with our children's dentist in San Antonio, your kids will already be in a great mood for their appointment.

We are currently accepting new patients. Please give us a call for more information.

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